Faith Venus High Gloss LH

Faith Venus High Gloss LH: A fine sound acoustic – very fine, and balanced – and loud. Has more sound than my Cort Earth200 with old strings – way more.

So now I need to learn how to sing loud.

Paid 761 British pounds.

String heith is pretty high – for my liking. But better higher string height than too low.

.110 ” Low E 12th -prefer 0.09

.080″ High E 12th – prefer 0.07

Neck relief at 8 th .020″ – prefer around 0.002″


Intonates not so good for the A – too high slot – I hope. Rest of the strings is spot on.

Nut a little high but will tighten the tross rod

And the neck assembly is not the best


But great sound and resonates very well – but what do I know I’m a lefty.

The electronics – It is not grounded correctly and is not balanced for Low E – way TOO bassy – twice as loud as the rest of the strings.

And it is piezo – not big fan of those under bridge strips.

First song on the way.



Mac OSX Tips

Just reinstalled Maverick on my old Mac Mini Server Mid 2011.

The reason was that it was upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion and then finally upgraded to Maverick, and the system was now kind of slow and unstable. Especially when playing music it scratched and clicked and now also in Logic Pro X – so to me it was unacceptable. Besides that my Logic only seemed to use one core instead of 8 and that I hoped could get better.

But as usual I ran into some challenges:

Create bootable install drive

First off I downloaded the Maverick Installer from the Apple store, created a bootable USB drive (Thumb drive) from the Install Maverick app with the following command:

sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ –nointeraction

Since I use a wireless keyboard I had to change my default Startup Disk under System Preferences to the USB drive. The wireless keyboard is not initiated when the system starts, so it will not register the hold down the Option key.


So after a reboot it started the installer and I erased my old Raid and started installing.

After 15 min. it was more or less done, but it gave me following message:

“This copy of the Install OS X Mavericks application can’t be verified. It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading.”

I thought it might just be the current install – so I tried again same result. A trip to google and I found lots of post that stated the same problem – some had tried several times and then it was OK all off a sudden – So I gave it another try but with similar result. An article from apple support stated that it might be the time of the machine that was wrong – so I opened a terminal and ran date  and the time was off. After another trip to google I found how to change the date:

date {month}{day}{hour}{minute}{year}


date 0705225014

But the reinstall gave same error message….

Reinstall from Internet

Ok then I’ll do a reinstall from the internet: Attached an USB keyboard restarted the machine and pressed Command-Option-R 

After some time it started but since my machine is originally shipped with Lion it started to do an install of the Lion version of Mac OSX – Bugger!

Restore from Time Machine

Since I already had erased my RAID disk, I couldn’t log into my old system without an restore of my old system using Time Machine. Luckily I use Time Machine and had also done a fresh backup before starting this journey.

I found an old Time Machine image where had upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion and started to restore. The reason why I chose Mountain Lion instead off my upgraded version to Maverick was that I hoped it would contain less data and therefore be faster and because when I last time created the installer drive it was from my Maverick – and I was hoping to create a new Install drive that would work.

After 2 hours+ I was ready to log into my Mac again.

I had to redownload the Maverick Installer from Apple store – but hey its only 5 point something GB 🙁

So I ran the

sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ –nointeraction

Again. This time it took a little longer so I hoped it was a good sign (At some point I thought it had run for such a long time that I feared it has gone into a limbo). But it finally succeeded.

Again I erased my RAID and started to do the Install – SUCCESS!!!

So to test if all my roubles had made a difference I installed Logic Pro X from Apple store and created some dummy tracks and had it play for several hours – and now the Logic used more than one CPU core 🙂

New Mac Checklist

Found following article with lost of good tips for a fresh installation: Mac Checklist

Hacking tools

A list off some of the Mac OSX internal program that might help to debug different scenarios: Hacking Tools

Pipe |

Pipe (|) how to write the pipe sign on a danish mac keyboard: Option-I

Get access to old Time Machine Backups

Open Time Machine and press Shift-Command-C

Get current FAN speed

Open a terminal and run following:

SD=~/.spindump.txt;sudo rm $SD;sudo spindump 1 1 -file “$SD” ;grep “Fan speed” $SD